Of all his nerds. Yeah. Nerds. Because that’s what they are.

Hope you enjoy~ :>~ – Free Screen Sharing and Online Meetings

Streaming! I’m gonna draw all or most of the Silly Stickmen! God I’m lame but heY WATCH ME PLEASE

why panzer hates red?

Red’s a douchebag that sucks ass. :>

Lindsei getting a Panzerback ride. :>

God I love my bara son so much

Yaasss I drew Panzer fullbodied, with his reg. stick figure self on the side. He’s so big and muscley @w@~


holy shit guys i just fainted and fell really hard

like everything started to go white and i lost hearing so my dumb ass tried to hurry in te house

and i fuckin stumbled into the wall and hit the railing of the deck, smacking my face on that and gravel

i’ve got like 5 cuts and a busted lip and a bruised chin, i’ll get a black eye and half my face will prolly be black n blue tomorrow

but daaamn it was so sudden.

i’m okay now though! <3

i like you panzer <:3

( Art from Skully. Ghaargh I didn’t feel like drawing anything, haha. )

Lets play the game called “how did you find my blog and what made you want to follow”

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red you sooo cooler!! >:D


Drew these lovable dorks..

May or may not be something for some future postings.

:D I tried drawing your oc but it was actually kind of difficult XD



Thank you so much! ( Pssh, everyone says she’s not the easiest. >u>; )

- Skits

Hello again! I was wondering how come I'm able to post fanart through mobile phones ipods ect but I'm not able to do it through my laptop I'm either thinking I'm just blind and can't find it Or you have settings changed to just mobile I don't have the art on my Ipod so I'm not able to send it to you Thank you also sorry for the bad grammar tumblr won't allow me to post with commas and stuff

Ahh man, it’s a theme issue, I suppose. There’s no button for submitting. 

( I’m working on the theme right now, sorry. )

Buuut you can always manually type /submit after the blog url, I’ll even do it for you.

Hello! Sorry for asking anonymously I'm just waaaaaaay to lazy to log in. So after seeing that pic between red and green after you mentioned green being Erin's lover, was there like some awesome wicked mindblowing fight between the two?

Hello! You’re talking about Panzer, not Green. While I love both, there’s a difference, haha. 


Anyways, yeah. Probably went something like this

Flat Color 4$ Commissions


Yeee, I’ve been told my prices are too expensive.
But anyways! I feel like doing simple flat color pieces for 4$. 
Send me an ask if you’re interested. c:~