officialmugi said: AHAHAHAHA

officialmugi said: I still remember kawaii as fuck Skittles with the red cap.

nO WHY WOULD Y ou bring that u P„

Hey there.


I’m completely lost in the story of this blog. I don’t really know what to do with it.
Plus I get no asks anymore, lol.

But I’ve been too busy building a robo version of my boyfriend to think about zambies :’D


Blaaaah. I look like a pornstar.

Guuuuys…looook! Look at me!! I’m pretty!!

Panzer me and you should be buddys because why the hell not

”..Well, your name says demon killer and I’m a zombie, so I don’t think that’d go that well.” 

Skits why



skittles asked for a request to draw Jackie so I did. Hope you like it!

Haha, it looks great as always, Linds!


Of all his nerds. Yeah. Nerds. Because that’s what they are.

Hope you enjoy~ :>~ – Free Screen Sharing and Online Meetings

Streaming! I’m gonna draw all or most of the Silly Stickmen! God I’m lame but heY WATCH ME PLEASE

why panzer hates red?

Red’s a douchebag that sucks ass. :>

Lindsei getting a Panzerback ride. :>

God I love my bara son so much

Yaasss I drew Panzer fullbodied, with his reg. stick figure self on the side. He’s so big and muscley @w@~


holy shit guys i just fainted and fell really hard

like everything started to go white and i lost hearing so my dumb ass tried to hurry in te house

and i fuckin stumbled into the wall and hit the railing of the deck, smacking my face on that and gravel

i’ve got like 5 cuts and a busted lip and a bruised chin, i’ll get a black eye and half my face will prolly be black n blue tomorrow

but daaamn it was so sudden.

i’m okay now though! <3

i like you panzer <:3

( Art from Skully. Ghaargh I didn’t feel like drawing anything, haha. )